Riding Instructor: We are looking for a part-time dressage instructor to teach between 6 and 20+ hours per week depending on how our schedules mesh.  Prefer someone with dressage experience, but will consider other English riders with the right experience.  Preferably, the instructor will have teaching experience OR lots of lesson experience to draw from.  Contact Us.


Work off Program:  We occasionally have opportunities for individuals to work off lessons or part of the cost of boarding.  The work often includes weed eating and general maintenance in the summer and feeding and blanketing horses in the winter.  If you are interested in learning more about this position, please Contact Us. 


Volunteer Exercise Riders Wanted:  We also have opportunities for experienced riders to ride some of the horses that don't get ridden on a regular basis.  This is a great opportunity for an individual who no longer has access to a horse, or a person with good riding skills who wishes to increase those skills by riding different horses.  Riders must be proficient in english riding and have taken lessons. If you think you have the requisite skills and are interested, please Contact Us


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